It is always important that you pay more attention to your customer when you are giving them services. You don’t want them to leave bad feedback or negative impression when it comes to the services that you’re offering there. It can actually affect the overall income of your business. Once there is negative feedback coming from your previous client. This is not limited to those services, only, but also to the cafe that you have right now. You have to make sure that the service is always in time and you have to give them the priority numbers when you’re serving them. 

There are different ways to treat your customers the right way. There are some people that they think they are right when it comes to giving respect to those customers. The owner of this shop should maintain a well and harmonious environment to both employees and clients. The employees should be trained in a way that they won’t forget the simple rules and policies of the cafe. It doesn’t mean that we are just customer-centered this time. We just want to make sure that everything is going to be smooth when it comes to giving them the service that they need from our business. 

Owning a cafe Richardson means you need to set expectations. There are some employees that they don’t believe that customers should be prioritized and give attention that they need. It is nice that we can communicate with our employees so that they can understand our side. It doesn’t mean that the employee is wrong or in a negative path. Business that we will be clear with our expectations and goals when it comes to putting up this kind of business, you can actually make your own guideline and policies that they can follow. 

It is also nice that you can create them with your first name. Of course, not everyone can remember their customers because of the day-to-day experience. It’s always nice that if you are familiar with that person, then you can actually create him with his first name. They will be feeling better and great because you can actually notice or it’s obvious that you consider them as one of your clients. It can also promote a good atmosphere, not only to your place but also to them. They would even recommend you to their friends. 

You have to make sure as well that you have your standard recipes when it comes to making coffee. There are times that the coffee machine will work and the barista has to make one for the guest. It is nice that they have the focus is when it comes to customer service as they can clarify with the things that are not clear to both clients and employees. You have to tell the employees that they need to apologize whenever they make mistakes or problems. You, as a manager of that cafe, you can actually visit them table by table so that you can get their feedback.